My name is Shaun, single father to one teenage boy and one girl that just turned double figures. I'm a full-time psychology student and owner of Coconut King. I spend a fair bit of time in the gym and in my spare time I like active pursuits like walking and surfing.  If you get in touch, it will be me that responds, if you place an order, it will be me that has made the product, attached the labels, packaged it up and posted it. Basically, I'm a one-man-band! I'm friendly and try my best to be helpful, so if you have any questions or comments about the product or business, please get in touch and I'll be happy to help.

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My Story

Coconut King was started randomly. Having had issues with my skin for a while I'd pursued more natural alternatives to the products typically found in the shops. I particularly liked coconut oil and shea butter. When I had my first tattoo, the artist recommended a shea butter moisturiser from the body shop, well I tried using my own supplies and it worked brilliantly. After that, some experimentation ensued and I eventually came up with the formula that I use today.

I try to keep things as natural and as low impact on the planet as possible. The formula is totally natural, all my suppliers have confirmed they don't test on animals and neither do I, (unless you count my children). It's packaged in a recyclable aluminium tin and I re-use packaging wherever I can, this not only helps keep my costs down but allows direct recycling instead of relying on further processing, although it may mean there is some inconsistency with how wholesale orders are packaged!


New Price Structure

Unfortunately, due to rising costs, I have had to increase prices recently, during this process I have changed the way wholesale items are priced and now there is free postage on all orders that are shipped within the UK. This simplifies things for me and for you! The price you see is what you pay, with no extras added during checkout. The product is still highly profitable if sold at the existing RRP. If you would like any further info, please feel free to get in touch.